In 2006 I completed Sixth Form College, achieving A-Levels in Graphics, Fine Art, and P.E. However, it was not my initlal intention to attend University as I had a strong aspiration to develop as a professional tennis player. Having competed and trained for several years both in Great Britain and abroad I decided that it was no longer an achievable goal in such a competitive field (especially with my disadvantaged height of 5ft 7) so I turned my attention back towards what I had loved from School; Art. In looking for a practical way to apply my creative abilities I took interest in the courses available at the University of Creative Arts in Farnham. After being shown around at an open day I decided that Animation was the course for me.

Having completed the course in 2012 I have learnt some interesting techniques, met some talented people and I now look forward to what I can achieve from now onwards in the field of film and animation.